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Shanxi Fucai To Carry Out Scratching Handicrafts Contest
Apr 26, 2017

The activities for the community solicitation is the invoicing scraper crafts, divided into stitching works and graphic creative works of two, requiring a distinctive theme, positive and healthy, and Fucai culture related. Provincial Welfare Center will invite supervisors, supervisors and related professionals to form a jury to select the works of multi-angle, all-round review, and score according to the score ranking.

After the solicitation of the works, the award will be set according to the number of different categories of works. The prize number and bonus of the competition are as follows: 1st prize: 1-3 pieces, each reward 3000 yuan; second prize: 3-5 pieces, the reward of 2,000 yuan; third prize: 5-10, the reward 1000 yuan; total bonus 14000-29000 yuan. Shanxi Fucai Center will select one of the 3 to 6 handicrafts, on behalf of Shanxi to participate in the National Handicraft Competition, if the national award (national first prize of 10,000 yuan), bonuses owned by the author.

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