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Folk Handicrafts Into The Erqi District Longxi International City Primary School
Apr 26, 2017

To strengthen the teachers and students of folk art, folk culture to understand and strengthen the teachers and students of the intangible cultural heritage of cognition. April 25, go to the workshop, the private handicraft collection enthusiasts, Zhengzhou education blog well-known Bo Friends of Li Qian teacher, carrying fourteen years of collection of folk arts and crafts treasures more than 100 pieces, into the Erqi District Longxi International City primary school and all teachers and students to share the exchange.

Activities are divided into two parts, the first organization of all teachers and students to appreciate the teacher brought more than 100 pieces of handicrafts. A walk into the exhibition room, the students will be a piece of colorful, beautifully crafted works of art to attract, "Look, this is my childhood used fence children" "look, that is my childhood through the tiger The first line "" Hey, this is not my parents shoes pad insole? "" Look, I was wearing a tiger's head when the child is here? "... ... handsome in appearance, full color, exquisite workmanship, look Child will bring the child back to childhood. We gathered in the handicrafts before the show to talk about laughing laughing childhood gorgeous. Subsequently, Mr. Li for everyone to share the collection of fourteen years of story, she presided over the poetry from the General Assembly, the reader talked about to tell you to live, not only their own full of joy, but also affect the children, for their lives into happiness factor. Then, she carried from the folk hand nostalgia, entrusted with family, contains wisdom, embodies the four aspects of art, combined with specific items to share with you in the collection of bit by bit and moved people, things.

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