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Drying Of Wood
Apr 26, 2017

1, artificial drying: the wood sealed in the steam drying room, by evaporation of water to promote evaporation, so that wood dry. (Depending on the size of the wood, thickness, such as 4cm plate drying time generally takes a week), the highest degree of dryness can make the wood moisture content of only 3%. But after the high temperature evaporation of the wood after the brittle loss of toughness is easy to be damaged and not conducive to carving. Usually the degree of drying of the logs should be kept at about 30% of the water content.

2, natural drying: the classification of wood placed in the ventilation (plate, just or logs), shelved into the stack, stack off the ground about 60cm, leaving the middle of the gap, so that air circulation, take away the water, wood gradually dry. Naturally dry to go through a few years or months, in order to achieve a certain dry requirements.

3, simple manual drying: First, the use of fire dry wood internal moisture. The second is to boil the resin composition of the wood, and then put in the air dry or dry. The drying time of these two methods may be shortened, but the wood after the invasion of water easily discolored, detrimental to wood.

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