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Dragon Boat Festival China Traditional
Jun 17, 2018

Good Luck for China Traditional Dragon Boat Festival.

端午节(Dragon Boat Festival)为每年农历五月初五,又称端阳节、午日节、五月节等。“端午节”为中国国家法定节假日之一,并已被列入世界非物质文化遗产名录。 相传战国时,楚国大夫屈原因苦劝楚王无果,忧愤投江自尽。楚国百姓怀念这位为人清正的大夫,于是将糯米包成包投入江中,希望鱼群吃了米而不吃屈原尸身。后世延续为传统,渐渐演化为端午节。

The Dragon Boat Festival is the 5th day of the fifth lunar month, also called duanyang Festival, noon day Festival, May Day Festival, etc. The Dragon Boat Festival is one of China's national holidays and has been included in the world intangible cultural heritage list. It is said that during the warring states period, qu yuan, a doctor of the state of chu, threw himself into the river in sorrow and anger because he tried to persuade the king of chu to fail. People in the state of chu missed the virtuous doctor, so they wrapped glutinous rice into a bag and threw it into the river, hoping that the fish would eat the rice instead of qu yuan's body. It continued to be a tradition and gradually evolved into the Dragon Boat Festival.




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