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Origin of Christmas
Nov 14, 2018

Origin of Christmas

Christmas, an important Christian holiday, is set on December 25。

Each year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, as well as a universally celebrated secular holiday.

The birth of Jesus coincides with the midwinter festival of agriculture and the festival of the sun.Across the Roman empire, the feast of saturnalia on December 17 was a time for fun and exchange of gifts.December 25 is the birthday of mithras, the ancient Iranian god of justice.

Ancient Romans on New Year's day decorated their homes with greenery and lights and gave gifts to children and the poor.

The Teutonic tribes infiltrated Gaul, Britain, central Europe and other places, and brought the Germanic and Celtic rituals.Therefore, there was a reunion feast, burning large pieces of wood, tasting big wooden cakes, hanging branches, aged fir trees, visiting friends, exchanges and gifts and other celebrations.

Fire and light, a symbol of warmth and longevity, have always been part of winter festival celebrations, both in Christian and non-christian customs.The evergreen tree, a symbol of survival, has been associated with Jesus' Christmas celebration since the middle ages.Because of the different calendars, the Christmas day of orthodox and other eastern European churches is equivalent to January 6 or 7 in the Gregorian calendar.

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