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Chinese Handicrafts Are Accused Of Destroying Indian Handicraft Heritage
Apr 26, 2017

Indian media reported that Mr. R. K. Malhotra, chairman of the Indian Handicraft Export Promotion Council (EPCH), said Chinese machines copied traditional Indian handmade products and then exported to India. Now, India imports almost all major metal handicrafts, wood, ceramics, jute and toys from China.

Indian handicraft industry insiders said that China through a large number of machines to copy handicraft products into the Indian market. According to EPCH data, 2007-2008, India imported 10,103.3 billion US dollars of Chinese handicrafts, of which imports in 2006-07 rs 79.298 billion rupees.

Chinese manufacturers also export their handicrafts to the global market, leading Indian suppliers to face more intense competition because the price of the machine replicated is lower than that of India's handmade industrial products.

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