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wood beads supplies
Jan 15, 2018

wood beads supplies

Q:What shapes of wood beads

A:star wood beads,round wood beads,square wood beads,heart wood bea

15mm star beads.jpg

10x10mm beads.jpg

18mm heart beads.jpg

Q:what size of wooden beads?

A:6mm wood beads,8mm wood beads,10mm wood beads,12mm wood beads

  14mm wood beads,16mm wood beads,18mm wood beads,20mm wood beads,

  25mm wood beads,30mm wood beads,35mm wood beads

natural beads.jpg

Q:What color of wood beads?

A:natural wood beads and colored wood beads

natural wood beads.jpgbeads.jpg

Q:what color of wood beads?

A:wood beads black,wood beads red,wood beads green,wood beads yellow

  wood beads blue,wood beads white,wood beads pink,wood beads orange 

  and more wood beads pantone color

Q:how to use of the wooden beads?

A:wood beads for making jewellery,wood beads for earrings

  wood beads for bracelet,wood beads for crafts,wood beads diy

Q:where to buy wood beads?

A:wood beads wholesale China,wood beads China,wood beads bulk

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