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white plate diy craft kits
Dec 15, 2017

White Plate DIY Craft Kits

Q:what kind of white plate?

A:round plate and square plate.

Q:what size of the round plate?

A:6" white plate,7"white plate,8"white plate,9"white plate

white plate 1 (7).jpg

Q:what size of the square plate?

A:6" square plate,8" square plate,10" square plate.

white plate 1 (6).jpg

Q:how to make the craft kits?

A:acrylic paints,watercolor pens to draw the imagination craft ideas.

white plate 1 (5).jpg

Q:how to decorate the school with the white plates?

A:decorate the wall with the white plates with the colorful ideas.

white plate 1 (4).jpg

white plate 1 (8).jpg

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