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What are the types of folk arts and crafts?
Apr 26, 2017

Ceramics, clay sculpture, woodworking, wood, lanterns, lacquered, lacquered, birch craft, lacquer craft, hides craft, Yanshi craft, bamboo craft, lacquered pottery, jade craft, marble craft, Tujia boxwood carving, porcelain , Kite, paper cutting, straw painting, New Year paintings, pencil painting, Thangka, Tuopu painting, silver, paper compilation, Suzhou embroidery, fish and other leather. Most of the content is lively and lively, good luck, longevity and health, rich and more, children and grandchildren, etc., for folk traditional festivals, traditional religion and ethnic jewelry and so on. These folk arts and crafts spread widely, deep and interesting, on behalf of the Chinese people's traditional culture and daily activities.

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