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stamp ink pads
Sep 22, 2017

Stamp Ink Pads

Q:What size of the mini Stamp Ink Pads?


red pad-1.jpg red pad-5.jpg

Q:How about packing of ink pads?

A:one piece per heat shrink.it is easy and safe for transfer in case of the broken.

red pad-2.jpg red pad-4.jpg

Q:How many colors of the stamp pads?

A:red ink pads,yellow ink pads,red ink pads,green ink pads,blue ink pads

  pink ink pads,black ink pads,gold ink pads,silver ink pads


Q:how to used of the ink pads?

A:finger drawings,stamp drawings and other paint project



Q:How about the samples?

A:free samples within 2 days finished.

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