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round wood sticks for crafts
Jan 05, 2018

Round Wood Sticks for crafts

Q:what kind of wood of round wooden sticks?

A:birch wood sticks,balsa wood sticks.


Q:what popular color of round wooden lollipop sticks?

A:red lollipop sticks,green lollipop sticks,purple lollipop sticks,orange lollipop sticks

  yellow lollipop sticks,blue lollipop sticks


Q:what size of round wood sticks crafts?

A:5.0mmx200mm round wooden sticks,5.0x150mm round wood sticks for crafts,5.0x100mm round wood sticks


Q:how to make round wood craft sticks?

A:round wood stick to make craft sticks animals,craft airplane.


Q:where to buy round wood sticks?

A:from China,Dalian Sunflowers Handicrafts Co.,Ltd.

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