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round wood painted beads supplier
Jan 17, 2018

Round Wood Painted Beads Supplier

Q:what size of round wood beads?

A:4mm round wood beads,6mm round wood beads,8mm round wood beads,10mm wood round beads

  12mm round wood beads,14mm round wood beads,16mm round wood beads,18mm round wood beads

  20mm round wood beads,more large wood beads contact us directly.


Q:what color of round wood beads?

A:black wood round beads,white wood round beads,blue round wood beads

  orange wood round beads,pink wood round beads,yellow round wood beads

  brown round wood beads,more colors referenced to Pantone Colors


Q:what MOQ of round wood beads?

A:1kgs mixed colors


Q:what payment to buy round wood beads?

A:LC,T/T,Paypal Payment

beads-4 (1).jpg

Q:how about the packing of wood beads?

A:bulk round wood beads,wood beads with header card,wood beads with color lable

Q:how to contact us?

A:anny@dl-sunflowers.com or whatsapp+86-13889692532

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