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pony beads crafts
Sep 03, 2017

Pony Beads 9mmx6mm for Kids Crafts

Q:What size of the pony beads?

A:9mmx6mm size

Q:what color of the pony beads?

A:red pony beads,pink pony beads,green pony beads,blue pony beads,black pony beads,purple pony bead,orange pony beads,yellow pony beads,white pony beads,or as the Pontone Other Colors.


Q:how to pack of the pony beads?

A:pony beads bulk packing 1kgs per bag,pony beads with header card,pony beads with other customers' logo

Q:how to application of the pony beads?

A:ideal for making the necklace,bracelet,jeweller,and other craft projects

Q:what age to use the pony beads?

A:kids age 3+,small parts,not suitable for kids age below 3

Q:is it safe?

A:surely,safe,non toxic,conforms to export standards

Q:where can buy the kids pony beads?

A:from China,Dalian Sunflowers Handicrafts Co.,Ltd.

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