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pom pom crafts
Mar 27, 2018

pom pom crafts

Q:how about the pom poms crafts for diy creative decoration?

A:pom poms to make pom pom flowers,pom poms to make pom poms pictures

  pom pom garland,party,handwork gifts,kids school projects,diy toys

  decorate the tabel,photo frame,door curtain,anything you can imagine.

POM POMS 5.jpg

Q:what size of the pom poms?

A:from mini pom poms 6mm to large pom poms 40mm

Q:how about the packing of pom poms?

A:header card with polybag small packing for supermarket

  or big pom pom bulk packing for school or education materials



Q:where to buy pom poms?

A:Dalian Sunflowers Handicrafts Co.,Ltd. from China

  a professional arts and crafts manufacturer from China

  contact:anny liu



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