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paper plate arts and crafts
Jan 12, 2018

Paper Plates Arts and Crafts

Q:what color of paper plates?

A:white paper plates,red paper plates,green paper plates,pink paper plates

  yellow paper plates,blue paper plates,purple paper plates.


Q:what size of the paper plates?

A:5"paper plates,6" paper plates,7" paper plates,8"paper plates,9" paper plates

Q:how to use of paper plates for crafts?

A:decorate with the wiggly eyes,chenille stems,foam crafts,felt crafts and 

  more craft ideas.

paper plate 1 (9).jpg


Q:how old kids for the paper plates craft kits

A:paper plates for 3 years old.


Q:how about the mini order quantity?

A:10pcs with express from China to different country.

Q:how about the payment terms?

A:paypal,T/T accpeted.

Please contact inquiry or any details to anny@dl-sunflowers.com

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