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On Chinese Traditional Crafts
Apr 26, 2017

Chinese traditional arts and crafts are numerous and exquisite. The long-term protection of the government so that most of these skills spread so far, many products are exported to foreign countries, loved by loved ones. Special technology to precious or special materials, has been carefully designed and processed, taste elegant. Jade is a jade carving as a raw material, artists use jade natural texture, gloss, color, shape processing, so that the color of jade and works of the form of ingenious combination to retain and highlight the charm of nature. Cloisonne is a well-known Chinese and foreign crafts, because the Ming Dynasty Jingtai years of production of the most brilliant blue glaze named; works with copper tire support, copper, gold and silver, rich and noble, the main varieties of bottles, bowls, trophies and so on. The use of cut, tie, knitting, weaving, embroidery, carving, plastic, painting and other skills produced by a variety of folk arts and crafts, mix, with rich local flavor and national style. China's outstanding national tradition of one of the crafts. Is in the silk, fabric and modern chemical fiber fabrics and other materials, with silk, velvet, cotton and other colored lines, with a small fine needle up and down puncture movement, constitute a variety of beautiful images, patterns or text of the process. Embroidery and sericulture, reeling inseparable. China is the world's first discovery and use of silk in the earliest countries, people in four or five thousand years ago began to sericulture, reeling. With the use of silk, silk production and development, embroidery process has gradually emerged, according to Chinese history books "Shangshu" records, more than 4000 years ago, "Zhang Fu system" to provide clothing "clothing painting embroidery" installed today, China The embroidery craft is almost all over the country, different ...

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