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introduction to paper lanterns
Apr 26, 2017

The lantern is a cage-like fixture. Is a very old folk arts and crafts. Its outer layer to fine bamboo or wire and other skeleton, and Mongolia to paper or yarn and other transparent objects, burning candles. For lighting, decoration or enjoyment.

China's lanterns are collectively referred to as lights and colors, originated in the Western Han Dynasty more than 1,800 years ago. Every year before and after the fifteenth Lantern Festival, people hang a red lantern symbolizing the reunion, to create a festive atmosphere. Later, the lantern became a symbol of the Chinese people festive. After the success of the success of light and color artists, the formation of a variety of varieties and superb level of technology. From the species are: palace lanterns, yarn lights, chandeliers and so on. From the shape of the points, there are people, landscapes, flowers and birds, dragon and phoenix, fish and so on, in addition to specifically for people to enjoy the revolving light.

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