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Apr 26, 2017

Lacquer is the ancient people's daily life is widely used in the items; because the paint is acid, alkali, heat, corrosion and other characteristics, so long been used by people. China is the world's first paint with the country, "Han Feizi ten" describes Yu Shun do food "flow paint on it. Yu to sacrifice, ink paint and its painting inside." Primitive society in the late sites Found the paint in kind. In the ancient planting of lacquer trees is quite common, the great philosopher Chuang-tzu had served as the management of the paint garden office. Early lacquer ware is generally painted in simple wood, bamboo tires, both anti-corrosion, can also be used for decoration. With the development of paint technology, and gradually appear in a variety of artifacts painted, painted gold, gold, paint, etc., or in the tire to paint a certain thickness, and then engraved on the pattern of the practice, Inlaid gold, silver, copper, Luodian, jade teeth and precious stones, to form a gorgeous pattern, Qianwen Wanhua, are not well aware. Tang Dynasty gold and silver off, the Song of the same color lacquerware, the Yuan Dynasty carved lacquer, the Ming Dynasty treasure embedded, the Qing Dynasty tires, etc., are representative of the characteristics of the generation of famous.

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