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How many sizes of the wood pegs,wood clips,clothespins crafts and clothes pegs
May 26, 2017

wooden pegs,wooden clips used for a variety of ways

Questions: how many sizes of the clothespins?

Answers: 7 differents--25mm,30mm,35mm,45mm,48mm,60mm,72mm

Questions:how about the wood

Answers:always birch wood which is hard and heavier than pine wood

Questions:which wood is good?

Answers:like birch wood

Questions:how to used for the crafts

Answers: small clothespins to make clothing hanging or photo frames

         big clothes clips to do the big worms,crocodiles,dinosaur....

Questions:what others craft supplies needed with the wooden pegs together?

Answers:pom poms,wiggly eyes,chenille stems,foam crafts,felt crafts...anything you can imagination

Questions:how to stick them?

Answers:white glue enough

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