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Gooved Wood Craft Sticks Packaged 100pcs
Jan 09, 2018

114mm Grooved Wood Craft Sticks Packages 100pcs


Q:what size of the grooved craft sticks projects?

A:114mm length,10mm width,2mm thickness (4.5"length)


Q:what color of grooved craft sticks for kids crafts?

A:red craft sticks,green craft sticks,purple craft sticks,orange craft sticks,yellow craft sticks

Q:how about the colors? safe?

A:safe,non toxic,fully conforms to 100% food standard.

Q:how about the packing of wood craft sticks?



Q:how to application for the kids crafts?

A:great for making frames,boxes,pencile holders,house builiding

  ideal for the school projects

Q:how about other school projects?

A:googly eyes crafts,clothespins,chenille stems and pom poms crafts

kids crafts (1).jpg

Any kids crafts supplies,please contact anny@dl-sunflowers.com

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