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Glitter Shakers for arts and crafts projects
Oct 31, 2017

Glitter Shakers for arts and crafts projects.

Q:what color for arts and crafts glitterts?

A:gold craft glitters,silver craft glitters,green craft glitters,red craft glitters,pink craft glitters,black craft glitters,at least 10 colors.


Q:what packing of the glitters for crafts?

A:loose glitters for crafts,shakers glitters for crafts.


Q:how to used of the arts and crafts glitters?

A:glitters for kids crafts project,decorate the diy craft project.


Q:arts and crafts glitters samples free?

A:yes,within 4 days.

Q:how to contact the glitters factory?

A:contact e-mail anny@dl-sunflowers.com,info@dl-sunflowers.com or craftskits@gmail.com

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