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Glass process
Apr 26, 2017

According to "Historical Records" records, the origin of the glass and the ancient beauty of the West. The end of the spring and autumn, later known as the God of Wealth of God, "Tao Zhu Gong" Fan Li is responsible for the king to practice the king of the sword. Wang Jian cast into the day, Fan Li found in the sword mold a magical powder material. This material and crystal fusion after not only crystal clear and can be made of metal sound. Fan Li that this material after the fire after 100 refining, both the king of the sword of domineering, but also contains the crystal Yin soft gas will be called "Kendo" and Wang Jian dedicated to the king. Yue Wang Ren Fan Li sword of the power, accept the king of the sword, the "Kendo" given Fan Li. And Fan Li's name given "Kendo" to "calabash" name.

For the beauty of the beauty of the Fan Li Fan to visit the craftsmen will be "calabash" to create a fine jewelry when the gift of love gifts to the West. Unfortunately, in this year, the war, the more defeated, the West was forced to go to Wu and pro. In addition, the "calabash" also gave Fan Li, the tears "calabash" on the heaven and earth, such as the sun and the moon moved, so far visible Shi Shi faint flow in the "calabash" in the later people called "Li Li", the name of the glass That is evolved from this.

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