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fun things to make with Chenille Stems
Mar 28, 2018

Fun Things to make with Chenille Stems

Q:how to make things with chenille stems?

A:make the flowers with chenille stems,make the animals with chenille stems 

  make the spider with chenille stems,make christmas tree with chenille stems

  make the butterfly with chenille stems,make the fruits with chenille stems

  anything what you can imagine,come to play with us.

  send e-mail to anny@dl-sunflowers.com to get the free craft ideas,thanks.



Q:It is easy for craft projects with chenille stems?

A:easy fun with chenille stems,curly chenille stems,with a wire inside,only twist the chenille stems to any shape you think.



Q:what size of the chenille stems from China?

A:always 6.0x300mm size,extra long chenille stems and giant chenille stems can be made

  diameter 10.0mm extra thick chenille stems, extra long chenille stems 1m more.

Q:Are you the wholesale chenille stems?

A:we are the manufacture,export to more than 30 countries and places from China.

  contact anny liu,e-mail anny@dl-sunflowers.com or whatapp+86-13889692532

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