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felt sheets crafts
Aug 29, 2017

Felt Sheets Crafts for kids age 3+ from Dalian Sunflowers Handicrafts Co.,Ltd.

Q:what felt thicknees do you have?

A:2mm felt sheets,3mm felt sheets,4mm felt sheets,5mm felt sheets,6mm felt sheets


Q:what felt color do you have?

A:red felt sheets,white felt sheets,purple felt sheets,green felt sheets,blue felt sheets,yellow felt sheets,pink felt sheets and more craft felt sheets.


Q:what felt size do you have?

A:12"x18" felt size, 20cmx30cm felt size,A4 felt size and OEM,ODM size

Q:how to use the felt sheets?

A:felt sheets crafts,felt sheets diy,felt sheets for arts and crafts,felt sheets handmade and more felt sheets

Q:how to pack of the felt sheets?

A:felt sheets bulk,felt sheets in roll,felt sheets into polybag or as the customers' request

Q:where to buy the felt sheets?

A:buy the felt sheets from China,dalian sunflowers handicrafts co.,ltd.

Dalian Sunflowers Handicrafts Co.,Ltd

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