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felt shapes for kids crafts
Jun 08, 2017

Felt Shapes die cut,felt cut out shapes.

Q:what kind of felt shapes?

A:hundreds of felt shapes.

 flowers felt shapes,square felt shapes,round felt shapes,oval felt shapes,moon felt shapes,sun felt shapes,hand felt shapes,foot felt shapes,animal felt shapes.

Q:what color the felt shapes?

A:at least 20 colors.red felt sheets,green felt sheets,purple felt sheet,blue felt sheets,yellow felt sheets,white felt sheets,black felt sheets and more.

Q:what thickness of the felt shapes?

A:1mm above to 5mm

Q:the felt for crafts are hard or soft?

A:hard and soft are good for crafts and all workable

Q:samples can be supplied?

A:free samples

Q:what kind of payment?

A:paypal,western union,T/T,L/C

contact us:Dalian Sunflowers Handicrafts Co.,Ltd.

           anny liu



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