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Felt Flowers for kids crafts back to school
Aug 24, 2017

Felt Flowers for Kids Crafts

Q:what thickness of the felt sheets?

A:always 1mm thickness.other thickness 2mm felt,3mm felt,4mm felt and even more.

Q:what flowers style can be made?

A:normal flowers,only need design and size 


Q:how about other felt flowers crafts?

A:3D Felt flowers


Q:what flowers colors can be made?

A:red felt flowers,yellow felt flowers,green felt flowers,orange felt flowers,blue felt flowers,green felt flowers,at least 16 populare colors10119-3.jpg

Q:how about the samples of the felt flowers?

A:free,only within 3 days

Q:how to contact you?

A:dalian sunflowers handicrafts co.,ltd.of e-mail anny@dl-sunflowers.com

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