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Felt Cut Outs
Mar 23, 2018

Felt Cut Outs

Q:what kind felt cut outs?

A:felt cut outs flowers,felt cut outs bears,felt cut outs crown,felt cut outs star

  felt cut outs heart,felt cut out leaves,felt cut outs fruits,felt cut outs as the CUSTOMS design

  felt cut outs circles,felt cut outs triangle and more

felt shapes star.jpg

Q:what thickness felt cut outs?

A:different felt cut outs thickess,1mm felt,2mm,felt,3mm felt,4mm felt,5mm felt,

  or as the customers' request.

Q:what color of felt cut outs?

A:red felt color,purple felt color,green felt color,yellow felt color

  blue fel color,brown felt color,whit felt color,black felt color

  at least 40 colors more.or make it as the PANTONE COLOR


Q:How to conact?

A:Dalian Sunflowers Handicrafts Co.,Ltd. 

  Sales Mananger:Anny Liu



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