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Easter Egg
Mar 15, 2018

Easter Egg for kids crafts for the coming Easter Holiday.

Q:What kind of Easter Egg?

A:Polystyrene Egg,safe,non toxic,conforms to the export standards.


Q:what size of the Easter Egg?

A:40mm Easter Egg,50mm Easter Egg,60mm Easter Egg,70mm Easter Egg,80mm Easter Egg

  90mm Easter Egg,100mm Easter Egg,110mm Easter Egg,120mm Easter Egg,135mm Easter Egg

  different size and accept of the OEM and ODM.

Easter Egg Kits.jpg

360截图20180315101909425.jpg   360截图20180315101937834.jpg

Q:How to used of the Easter Egg Crafts?

A:Can be coloured with paint to create various animal and human characters;

 Design them any way you want to, Make your own ornaments or design kits
Use for molecular model making or various craft activities

Absolutely great for youth or school group DIY entertainment. 

Q:Where to buy the Easter crafts?

A:Dalian Sunflowers Handicrafts Co.,Ltd.

 a professional arts and crafts maunfacturer from Dalian,China

 contact Anny Liu,anny@dl-sunflowers.com,whatsapp+86-13889692532

Q:except of the Easter Egg? how about other Easter Design?

A:Easter Cards,Easter Sticker and more

Easter Cards.jpg


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