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durable notched wood craft sticks for kids diy crafts, non toxic
Jun 22, 2017

Notched Wood Crafts Sticks for kids diy crafts.

Q:what size of the notched wood craft sticks?

A:the size is same as the standard wood craft sticks, 114x10x2mm(41/2"x3/8")

Q:what age kids like to play the notched wood craft sticks?

A:age 3+,chocking hazard,not suitable for kids age 3+

Q:it is durable of the notched popsicle sticks?

A:yes,but few pieces can be broken?

Q:the notched made by the machine?

A:yes,not by hand,so when in the process of production, some of items can be broken


Q:how about the price of the notched wood craft sticks?

A:the price is a bit higher than the standard one.as some of wood craft sticks will be broken.

Q:it is made by the standard wood craft sticks?

A:yes,only reprocess the notched from the standard wood craft sticks.

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