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diy projects with pipe cleaners
Jul 01, 2017

DIY Project with Pipe Cleaners

Q:pipe cleaners for crafts can be twist?

A:yes, easily to make,as it has the soft wire inside.



Q:the pipe cleaners can be used in the diy crafts projects?

A:yes,the pipe cleaners crafts can be made the pipe cleaners flowers,to be made the pipe cleaners vegetables,to be made the pipe cleaners animals


Q:where are you from?

A:we are from the pipe cleaners China.Dalian Sunflowers Handicrafts Co.,Ltd.www.craftyforkids.com to check more details.


Q:how about the price?

A:most of the chenille pipe cleaners made in China,so lowest price and good quality pipe cleaners.

Q:the diy pipe cleaners crafts is durable?

A:yes,the pipe cleaners can be used many times.

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