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chenille sticks crafts
Mar 28, 2018

Chenille Sticks Crafts

Q:what to do with the chenille sticks crafts?

A:chenille sticks christmas crafts,chenille sticks valentines day crafts

  chenille sticks crafts animals,chenille sticks creative arts and crafts


Q:What is Chenille Stems Sticks?

A:chenille stems diy toys,for kids diy art craft materials

  These chenille stems can be bent, twisted, curled or wrapped to most shapes you want. Also it can suitable for cleaning most kinds of pipes.


Q:what size of the chenille stems sticks?

A:thin chenille stems 3.0x300mm, 4.0x300mm,5.0x300mm,6.0x300mm

  thick chenille stems,jumbo chenille stems,10.0x600mm


Q:How about the packing of chenille stems for sale?

A:chenille stems bulk,100pcs/bundle/color

  or as the clients request.

Q:where to get the chenille stems samples?

A:contact anny liu from Dalian Sunflowers Handicrafts,free shipping


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